2018 Snow Goer Snowmobile Clubs In Focus

Snowmobile clubs are vital to the success of snowmobiling -- but if you've made it this far, we're guessing you already know that! To help shine a positive spotlight on snowmobile clubs, Snow Goer is initiating this survey. It asks specific questions related to things that clubs do to make themselves fun and interesting for members, and seeks success stories that we can showcase on SnowGoer.com and in Snow Goer magazine.

          To participate, please answer the questions below about your club with as much detail as possible. The real key is sharing positive information about your club so we can (1) Share it with non-club members so they see some of the fun they are missing by not joining and (2) Share it with other clubs so they can be inspired by your success.

          Also, to be considered for the Snowmobile Club Spotlight, after filling out this form please email to jprusak@snowgoer.com a copy of your club's logo (if available) and one to three pictures that showcase an event mentioned in one of your answers -- the club ride, the weenie roast, the new member welcome party at the groomer shack, etc. When you email them to jprusak@snowgoer.com, please have the name of your snowmobile club in the subject line of the email so they are easy to connect to your story.

          Thank you for participating in our survey, and for all that you and your club do to make snowmobiling what it is!  


John Prusak


Snow Goer magazine