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1st Friday Community Shabbat Dinner RSVP

Thank you for your RSVP to CBI's Community Shabbat Dinner!

Date: Friday, December 7th
Time: Family Service at 6pm; Dinner at 6:30pm; Erev Shabbat Service at 7:30pm
Place: CBI Sanctuary & Smith Auditorium

Payment Methods:

  • Cash/Check at the door
  • PayPal (you will be redirected to PayPal once you complete this form)
Dinner will be Delicious
A suggested donation of $10/adult $5/child will support various community endeavors

**If you are unable to donate please consider volunteering to help with dinner (more information below)**

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If you have questions please contact 

cbioffice@bethisrael.org or 512-454-6806

A suggested donation of $10/adult $5/child will help support these community events.

Please consider making an additional donation to raise proceeds towards The Rose Dornbusch Youth Experience Fund for scholarships for Jewish Summer Camps and Israel Trips! Thank you!