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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of IAPO! 

Please check that your organization meets the criteria for membership before submitting a form. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via

Guide to application process and form

This form consists of four sections: PART A Details of your Organization; PART B Details of your IAPO Representative; PART C Type of Membership; and PART D Declaration

Please complete all sections in English, and upload all supporting documents in English.

1.    IAPO will confirm receipt of your application and documents within two weeks.

2.  We will review your application, and may ask for additional information before sending it to IAPO’s Membership Committee, which assesses it according to IAPO’s Statutes and Bylaws. 

3.   Once your application has been approved, we will contact you, and send you an invoice.

4.   On receipt of payment, you will be a confirmed member of IAPO, and have full access to our resources and materials.

If you have any queries regarding the membership process or supporting documents, please contact us either by emailing or by calling +44 207 250 8280.



PART A. Details of your Organization 

please choose one e.g. LOCAL: Surrey, NATIONAL: UK, REGIONAL: Europe, INTERNATIONAL

Please provide a brief summary of what your organization does, its primary focus and work areas, and who you represent. You will be listed as a member on our website and this summary will be used to showcase your organization.

e.g. 50000

e.g. 50000

PART B. Details of your IAPO Representative

The IAPO representative should be the person we can liaise with when communicating with your organization. Whilst you may put your Chief Executive as the IAPO rep, please consider carefully if he or she will have sufficient time to respond to our communications. You may alternatively wish to put down the name of a member of the governing body, or a senior manager involved in external affairs, policy, collaboration or another appropriate area.


In giving us their details, this person agrees to:


• Receive annual renewal invoices

• Respond to consultations where relevant for your organization

• Represent your organization at IAPO’s General Assembly

• Receive communications from IAPO

IAPO Representative

If anyone else in your organization would like to receive newsletters, please give their details below. Please note that this is only possible if the individuals can receive emails.

PART C. Type of Membership

IAPO has three categories of Members. Full Members are patients’ organizations which are patient-driven, and must meet all five criteria described. To ensure that IAPO is patient-driven, Full Members have greater voting rights at our General Assembly. Associate Members are healthcare-related organizations who are not eligible to become IAPO Full Members, yet who meet all four criteria described. Affiliated Members are members of a parent umbrella group or alliance that is a Full Member of IAPO, and have restricted rights which can only be enjoyed by those who are approved by their own umbrella group and alliance.


Please read the criteria for both Full and Associate membership (below), and tick which type of membership you are applying for. Applications for Affiliated Membership shall be done via their parent umbrella group or alliance via a specific form. 


Membership Criteria 

1.    Non-profit and non-governmental 

2.    Legal status appropriate to the country of origin, with a written constitution and/or by-laws. If no appropriate legal status exists this criteria may be waived at the discretion of the Governing Board

3.    An international, regional, national or local organization, or an umbrella group

4.    Demonstrates commitment to patients and the principle of patient-centred healthcare in guiding statements, such as vision, mission or organizational objectives, and activities

5.    [Full Members only] The organization is patient-driven: the views of patients drive the strategy, policies and activities in a significant way, and the organization is capable of representing these patients’ views. Full Members must demonstrate that they use at least one of the three methods:

· The majority of voting rights to nominate and elect the governing body of the organization are held by patients [1], patient representatives [2], or representatives of patients' organizations

· The majority of the organization’s governing body are patients, patient representatives, or representatives of patients’ organizations

· The organization’s strategy, policies, and activities are driven by, and represent, patient’s views in another way


[1] We define a patient as “a person with any chronic disease, illness, syndrome, impairment or disability”. We aim to be representative of all patients regardless of gender, race, class, culture, religion or belief, age, sexuality, lifestyle or degree of able-bodiedness. 


[1] We define patient representatives as “patients’ organization representatives, family members or carers”. Examples of patient representatives are a parent of someone with cystic fibrosis, or the spouse of someone with Alzheimer’s Disease

Please note that you must provide supporting documentation specified below to be considered for membership.

Our Membership Fee structure can be seen here:

PART D. Declaration 

By submitting this application you are agreeing to your organization’s details being kept on IAPO’s database. We will not share any information about your organization (apart from the publicly-available information on our website) with anyone else without your permission.  

I confirm that I have the appropriate authorisation to submit this application on behalf of the named organization; and that to the best of my knowledge, the information on this application form, and within the supporting documentation, is accurate.   

I also confirm that the named organization is committed to patients and the principle of patient-centred healthcare; and is eligible to be a Full or Associate Member, as defined.