Drop In Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Acknowledgment
By signing in I acknowledge that I am willing and able to participate in the volunteer farming activity on Community Harvest Project’s farm properties.  I also understand that I am doing this work at my own risk and in order to be safe I agree to follow the direction of the farm staff that will be supervising me.  Photographs are the best way to tell our story to the community at large, so we frequently take photographs in the field.  We do use our photographs on social media and in our printed materials.  Please let the photographer know if you prefer that your picture not be taken.  All volunteers must be 16.5 years old to participate without an accompanying adult.  Your contact information is not shared or sold to anyone.  We appreciate your volunteer time and ask that you assist us while visiting in keeping our farms a friendly and inviting place for all members of our community to enjoy. 
** Please note Drop In Volunteer hours begin at 9:00 am and end at noon. You are not required to spend all three hours with us, though it is helpful to our farm team if you can arrive at 9 am for the orientation. All volunteers are welcome to eat lunch (bring your own food!) in our picnic area.**