Donor Form - Non Cash Assets

Thank you so much!!! Please complete the information below. The transfer instructions will be sent automatically to the email entered in the donor email space. If you are a broker and need that information please put your email in that spot. 
Donor Contact Information

A confirmation email with further instructions will be sent to this email address. If the broker would like to receive this information please use the brokers email address here. Thanks!

Donation Information

If the gift will be split between a different organization or SGO you will need to do those separately and complete the other organizations LOI.
Please provide the type and number of shares being gifted. If you don't know that information yet please let us know as soon as you do.

Broker Information

Sagamore Institute has an account with TDAmeritrade.  We will immediately liquidate the assets and the state tax credit is based on 50% of the mean value on the day the shares were transferred. When this form is completed a confirmation email with instructions will be sent to the donor's email address entered above.