SIY Teacher - Program Info Sheet

Congratulations on teaching an SIY or Adaptive Resilience program! Please fill out this form within one week of the program's completion. It should be filled out one time for each program, including pro bono programs, keynotes, and practicums. If you are co-teaching your program, please have only one person complete the form. This maintains a record of your program and participants and will initiate the license fee process if applicable.
Please note:
  • For Client Programs, you can fill out this form as soon as you sign the contract with the client, and then the client will automatically appear on the Certified Teacher Client List. 
  • For By Invitation (Invite-only) programs, please complete this form after the program has started so that the number of attendees is accurate.
Thank you for your teaching!

Please use the email that is on file with SIYLI/ SIY Global (i.e. the email address we send messages to). If you are unsure of what this is or would like to change the email on file, please first message before submitting this form.

If applicable (e.g. Sales Division - North America)

If the program was delivered online, please use the country and city of your primary contact person within the client organization.


If you deliver the full SIY program curriculum, whether it's in 2 days, 4 half-days, 6 sessions, or other format, please select 'SIY Full Program'.

Please do not put a range. If this is a 'Client Program' and the participant number is uncertain, make your best guess. If it's an 'Internal Teacher' or 'Invite Only' please wait to submit this form until you have the final number.

Enter just a number (e.g. 20000) in the currency used when signing the contract/ or revenue received. If this is a "By Invitation"  please put the total program revenue. If "Internal Teacher" put total amount due to SIYLI. If pro bono, enter 0.

e.g. USD, GBP, EUR

Describe a bit about this program and how it came to be (i.e. sales process, client goals, audience, pain points, internal champion) This helps us learn about what's working in the field!