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Clean Water Funds Application

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Application Process
Submit electronic application with aerial photo/map attached for crew project or draft work plan for individual placement. After clicking "Submit" on the final page of this application, you will be prompted to review your responses and click "Confirm" to finalize your request. A copy of the submission will be sent to the contact email address provided. Additional details available on our website.

NOTE: If agency is applying for both crew and individual placement, you will submit two separate applications.

October 15 - December 15: Project application period
December 15: Application deadline
December 15 - January 15: Application review
January 15-30: Award notices sent out to applicants
March-December: Project implementation period
May-August/December: Placement position duration

Contact Brian Miller at 651.209.9900 with questions.

Contact & Agency Information

A copy of this application will be sent to the email address provided here.

Agency Needs

In two-three sentences, summarize the scope of work in which the member will be involved.

Member Experience

Members will need their own adequate workspace, equipment and supplies. Site will be responsible for providing:

  • Desk/workspace
  • Computer with standard Windows Office Suite programs and access to online distant learning with Skype.
  • Phone
  • Email access
  • Access to: printer and fax machine

Consider anticipated field gear needs, specialized tools, etc.

Yes No
Project Location Information and Description

60-character limit

If location has no street address, skip to the Project Location field below.

Attach aerial photo/map with project location

Aerial photo, map, draft work plan, etc.
Project Coordination & Scheduling

# of days based on a 5-person crew

Crews are available March 1 - December 10

BMP Installation
Select up to three best management practices:

Projects will be funded based on priority level

Projects will be funded based on priority level

Projects will be funded based on priority level
Pollution Reduction Estimate
Select up to four pollutants:

Community Planning Information

1000 character maximum

While there is no required match minimum, local financial contribution is still desired. Input in-kind staff time, non-state funds and/or project materials and total $ amount

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