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Please complete all sections.  You may save and return to your form at any point.  If you require help in completing your application form please contact us at admissions@writtle.ac.uk. Please ensure that you complete the Personal details section carefully, as we may use this information to contact you about your application. You should ensure that the email address you provided when you created your profile is up to date, because we will use this to communicate with you about the progress of your application and to provide a decision on your application.

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You will need to include certain documents to support your application, for example, evidence of your previous qualifications, academic references, CV etc.  You can supply these simply by sending scanned copies to admissions@writtle.ac.uk

If you are an Undergraduate Student – applying for a full time degree programme, we encourage you to apply via UCAS. This will ensure that your application is processed quickly.  

For All UK applicants (Part time undergraduate and Postgraduate) we need evidence of qualifications and an academic reference.  For international we have a list of documents that are required to support your application which will be needed to process your application.

All data provided will be handled in accordance with our data privacy policy.

Course Detail

Personal Details

Education and Qualifications

Please provide details of your academic qualifications, both achieved and pending.  Please can and email evidence of your qualifications to admissions@writtle.ac.uk

Please list below any study previously undertaken in the UK. Please indicate if any course shared a CAS and/or visa

e.g. Degree, Foundation, NVQ/RQF level

Personal Statement

In your statement you should describe the reasons for your choice of programme and why this is important to you. Please also explain why you are applying to Writtle University College, why you think you are a suitable candidate for your programme of study, and how your choice of programme fits with your future career plans.  Please include any relevant employment and/or practical skills. 

Financial Details

Diversity Information

The information requested in this section will not affect the academic assessment of your application.  It will form a confidential record which will be stored electronically and it will be used only for the following purposes:
By Writtle University College to identify any support needs resulting from a disability or medical condition.
Anonymously for monitoring purposes by the Higher Education Statistics Agency to whom all UK universities are legally obliged to report data on the ethnic origin of their students.
Anonymously by the university to monitor the operation of its Equality and Diversity policy.

This field records the gender identity of the student. Students should, according to their own self-assessment, indicate if their gender identity is the same as the gender originally assigned to them at birth.


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You have the right to cancel this application. If you decide not to take up your place at WUC you must do this by informing WUC as soon as possible.

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