The average time spent volunteering as part of the Parent Panel is a half an hour per month. That makes 6 hours per year. Please let us know your estimate of volunteer time as part of the Parent Panel and of course volunteering is done within the comfort of your own home.

Every member of the Best Beginnings’ Parent Panel must: 
  1. Treat each other as an individual.  
  2. Support each member’s own individual choice about their own involvement within the Best Beginnings’ Parent Panel.  
  3. Respect each person’s personal views and wishes.  
  4. Respect and maintain the dignity and privacy of members of the Best Beginnings’ Parent Panel.   
  5. Respect diversity and different cultures and values of all members of the Best Beginnings’ Parent Panel.  
  6. Be honest and trustworthy.  
  7. Communicate in an appropriate, open, accurate and straightforward way whilst making sure their actions, opinions and/or behaviour does not affect themselves or others in a negative way.  
  8. Be reliable, dependable and honour commitments, agreements and arrangements and, when it is not possible to do so, let a designated person know.  
  9. Declare issues that might create conflicts of interest.   
  10. Make sure that any person highlights any unwanted feelings of being influenced or judged in line with the accompanying Best Beginnings’ Parent Panel disclosure.  
  11. Strive to support Best Beginnings to the best of your ability and for the time indicated when you initially signed up, unless otherwise indicated to the Parent Panel Lead.  

Our promise to you as the professionals involved in the Best Beginnings’ Parent Panel:
  1. We will respect and, where appropriate, promote your individual views and wishes, working openly and co-operatively with all members.  
  2. We will promote equal opportunities for all members.  
  3. We will maintain confidentiality of all personal information. We will also respect all responses and remain impartial and non-judgemental whilst clearly explaining policies about confidentiality, the breaking of confidentiality, and the reporting of dangerous, abusive, discriminatory or exploitative behaviour.   
  4. We will support each person’s own independence and individual choice about their personal involvement within the Best Beginnings’ Parent Panel whilst protecting them, as far as is possible, from issues that may have arisen in our initial assessment of suitability for the Best Beginnings’ Parent Panel and in line with the accompanying signed disclosure.  
  5. We will uphold public trust and confidence in the Best Beginnings’ Parent Panel by acting in a lawful, safe and effective way.  
  6. We will be accountable for maintaining and improving the quality of the Best Beginnings’ Parent Panel’s work.  
  7. We will protect the rights and promote the interests of all members, taking compliments and complaints seriously and responding to them by passing them to the appropriate person.  
  8. We will strive to establish and maintain the trust and confidence of all members.  
  9. We will try to explain to you anything that you may be unsure of or, where able, signpost you to the appropriate place of explanation. 

By agreeing, you are confirming that you: 
  • Will abide by ‘The Best Beginnings’ Parent Panel Code of Practice’  
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the Best Beginnings’ staff involved with the Parent Panel  

At times, we will share confidential films and/or information with you. To be part of the Parent Panel, please confirm that you will not share our content with anyone else without Best Beginnings’ approval prior. Do you agree to this following confidentiality statement.

By agreeing, you are confirming that you: 

  • Will maintain the confidentiality of all content and films the require input from the Best Beginnings’ Parent Panel.
  • Understand that all of your personal information will be kept confidential

Do you use any of the following? (please include your username)?