Request dues or tuition assistance

Central is committed to making sure finances are never a barrier to being part of our community.

  • Please allow up to 30 days for us to respond as we evaluate incoming requests.

  • We know the future is uncertain—we just ask that you make your best estimate at this time.

  • Central's financial assistance policy has always worked on the "honor system." We won't ask for financial documentation of any kind; however, in order to provide support in an equitable way, do ask for information about why members may request financial assistance

We rely on you to tell us the amount that you can pay, a number that feels both manageable for your financial situation and fair to Central.

The information provided in this form is kept confidential and will only be reviewed by key membership and finance staff. We won't share this information with any other staff, board members, or clergy.

To discuss this form, please contact the Membership department at (212) 838-5122 ext. 3084 or

Your Information

This form is linked to the member household above. To request an adjustment for a different household, please contact us.

Your Request

Request an adjusted amount
Your total balance amount to be adjusted includes membership dues, program fees, and LCLJ tuition. It doesn't include Nursery School tuition, Bar/Bat Mitzvah fees, or pledges.

Request an adjusted schedule
Auto charge: You have the option to set your payment plan to auto-charge your preferred payment method (credit card or ACH) on the 5th of each month. We will contact you to confirm your preferred payment method.

If you requested financial assistance: We ask that you give us at least 30 days to respond. Our goal of course is to be able to fully support all of our members.

If you requested a payment plan only: We will set up your plan right away and send you an invoice for the first payment within a few days of receiving your request.

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