Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) Financing Application

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Please help us determine your financing needs.
C-PACE Financing Status

If you have already secured C-PACE financing from another capital provider, you can submit this form and contact your capital provider directly. If you have not secured financing, please select "I am applying for C-PACE financing." If you have any further questions, please contact us. Thank you!

Please help us determine if you are eligible for C-PACE financing.
Eligibility for C-PACE
This section will help determine if your property is eligible for C-PACE financing. Please check the appropriate boxes below.

Please provide information on the applicant in the following section.
Applicant Information
This section should be completed with the information of the person submitting the application.

Property Owner Information
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Property Description

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Occupancy Information

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Project Information

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Please read and acknowledge the following section on Connecticut's Freedom of Information Act.
Freedom of Information Act
The Connecticut Green Bank is a “public agency” for purposes of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”). Accordingly, this application and all information received by The Connecticut Green Bank regarding this application will be considered public record subject to disclosure under the FOIA, except for information falling within one of the exemptions in Conn. Gen. Stat. Sections § 1-210(b) and § 16-245n(d), which include “trade secrets” and “commercial or financial information given in confidence, not required by statute.”

Therefore, Company is advised that it should specifically identify those particular sentences, paragraphs, pages, sections or exhibits that it claims to be confidential and exempt. Consultant should further provide a statement stating the basis for each claim of exemption. It will not be sufficient to state generally that the information is proprietary or confidential in nature and not, therefore, subject to release to third parties. A convincing explanation and rationale sufficient to justify each exemption consistent with General Statutes §1-210(b) and § 16-245n(d) must be provided. The explanation and rationale should be stated in terms of the prospective harm to the competitive position of Company (or such submitting Person) that would result if such information were released.

Company acknowledges that (1) The Connecticut Green Bank has no obligation to notify the Company of any FOIA request received by The Connecticut Green Bank; (2) The Connecticut Green Bank may disclose materials claimed by the Company to be exempt, if in its judgment, such materials do not appear to fall within a statutory exemption; (3) The Connecticut Green Bank may in its discretion notify Company of FOIA requests and/or of complaints made to the Freedom of Information Commission concerning items for which an exemption has been claimed, but The Connecticut Green Bank has no obligation to initiate, prosecute or defend any legal proceeding, or to seek to secure any protective order or other relief to prevent disclosure of any information pursuant to an FOIA request; (4) Company will have the burden of establishing the availability of any FOIA exemption in any such legal proceeding; and (5) in no event shall The Connecticut Green Bank or any of its officers, directors or employees have any liability for the disclosure of documents or information in The Connecticut Green Bank’s possession where The Connecticut Green Bank, or such officer, director or employee, in good faith believes the disclosure to be required under the FOIA or other law.

Based on your responses in the previous section, your property is not eligible for C-PACE financing. If you think there was a mistake, have questions about your property's eligibility, or would like to learn about other financing options, please complete the form below and a member of the C-PACE team will contact you to discuss your project.