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Main focus of your project:

Principal investigator contact details
Please nominate one PI only. (See section 3 of the Guide for applicants.)

(This should be the PI’s direct email address)

Please add details below.  You may add more co-investigators by clicking '+ Add another co-investigator' below:

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Project information

(The Project Title should be 80 characters or less)



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What is the major issue or problem that the project will address?

What is new or distinctive about the project?

How will the project fit with other developments (policy, practice, and research) in the topic area?

How will the project inform or influence policy and practice in the area?

In what ways is the project interdisciplinary in approach, and how will that add value? (Maximum 500 words)

What are the aims and objectives, and, if applicable, research questions? What are the intended outcomes, including the implications for policy and practice? We encourage you to use numbered objectives/research questions if this helps you to clearly demonstrate how the approaches detailed in the next section address these. (Maximum 500 words)

Please set out the work that will be undertaken to achieve the aims, objectives and, where relevant, to address the research questions. This must demonstrate that the approach is fit for purpose, meets the project’s aims, and the methodology is robust. You need to persuade us that the project is feasible, of high-quality, well-designed, and has a meaningful interdisciplinary element. Further guidance on the types of information we would expect to see is in section 4.2 of the Guide for applicants. (Maximum of 1500 Words)

Set out here: The main outcomes; Your key audiences and stakeholders; The planned outputs and other dissemination activities that will support delivery of your outcomes and maximise the impact of your work (Maximum 500 words)

Please state the name and organisation of each contributor, briefly setting out their role on the project and the proportion of their FTE time spent on the project.   Please include this information for all staff/contributors who are key to the delivery of the project, even those for whom you are not seeking funding. You must state whether new staff need to be recruited.   You should briefly evidence that the staff/contributors have appropriate skills and experience for the project. Please also upload a one page CV for each person involved in the project (button to upload is below) (Maximum 500 words to outline roles and responsibilities, plus one page for each CV attachable below)
Please click the button to attach a CV (which should be no longer than 2 pages and must be a .pdf or .docx file):

The timing and duration of key phases, major activities and important interim dates.   All funded projects must result in a freely and publicly available report. This must be published before the project end date and any other substantive outputs must be produced before the project end date. We recommend that you use numbered or bulleted lists to set out the information clearly and logically. (Maximum 700 words)


You should set out in the table below the funds you are requesting for each of the broad cost categories listed. Please do not include the following in your amounts: decimals, text, £ or commas
Total (£)
Staff costs: Salaries and on-costs    
Staff costs: Estate costs (HEIs only)
Staff costs: Overhead costs (non-HEIs only)
Staff costs: Consultants
Non staff costs: Qualitative research
Non staff costs: Quantitative research
Non staff costs: Communications and stakeholder engagement
Non staff costs: Equipment
Non staff costs: Other direct costs
Grand Total (£)

Restricted to those cited in the application, and ideally presented in author-date format (e.g. Harvard style). (Maximum 500 Words)
Additional Information

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Information about personal data

Your personal data

We will only use your data for the purposes and in the ways set out below. For more details of our principles when dealing with personal data, see our Privacy Policy.

What we do with your data

We will use the data submitted on this form to process and make a decision on your application. As part of this review process, we may share your personal data with individuals outside the Foundation. This will always be on a confidential basis and we will ensure that your data is kept secure.

If we decide to award a grant, we will use the personal data submitted as part of your application for our grant management processes. We will include the name of the principal investigator in lists of our grant-holders and in summaries of funded projects published online and in hard copy. In addition to data processing for grant management, we will also use your data in ongoing monitoring and evaluation of our grant activities and impact assessment work.

Retention of your data

The data on the grants we award form part of the historical records of the Foundation. As an organisation with a strong interest in impact and trends over the long term, we need to retain our application and grant records on a similarly long-term basis. However, if we decide not to award you a grant, the details of your application will be anonymised after six years.

I declare that this application form has been completed by 
and with the knowledge and agreement of all co-investigators and other staff named on this application.  I have read the Guide for applicants and believe that this application meets the eligibility criteria for funding.  
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