Become a C-PACE Registered Contractor

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Projects proposed for C-PACE financing must be prepared and submitted by a Qualified Contractor (as defined by Connecticut Green Bank's C-PACE Program Guidelines).

Qualified Contractors are eligible to become C-PACE Registered Contractors in order to be listed in the Green Bank's online contractor directory and to access Green Bank marketing tools and support.

Contractors seeking the status of Registered Contractor must meet all requirements to be considered a Qualified Contractor, attend a workshop, accept the C-PACE Registered Contractor Terms & Conditions, be in good standing with the Green Bank, and complete the form below. The Green Bank will determine if contractors meet the requirements to be considered C-PACE Registered Contractors.

Become a C-PACE Registered Contractor

Attend a C-PACE contractor workshop.

In order to become a C-PACE Registered Contractor, your company must have attended a C-PACE contractor workshop within the last 12 months.

Provide your contact information and someone from the Green Bank can follow up with you. You can also visit this page to schedule a C-PACE contractor workshop on your own.

Determine Eligibility.
In order to become a Registered Contractor, you must verify that your company is a qualified C-PACE contractor. Please complete the information below to determine your eligibility.

Certified Energy Manager / Certified Energy Auditor Accreditation

Certified Energy Auditor

Certified Energy Manager

Professional Engineer
Relevant Demonstrated Experience

Please provide references for three projects that demonstrate relevant experience.

None of These Options Apply

If you do not meet any of these criteria, you are not eligible to be considered a C-PACE Qualified Contractor or Registered Contractor. Please contact us if you believe this is incorrect.
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Build Your Profile
The Green Bank will review your eligibility to become a C-PACE contractor. If you are eligible, the below information will be used for your company's online C-PACE profile.

Attest to C-PACE Contractor Terms & Conditions..