Please note, we are only able to accept applications from people who are eligible to volunteer in the UK at this time.  

Please confirm you are eligible to volunteer in the UK before progressing with your application.

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If you have any skills that you’d like to share with us, please do so below. By selecting one or more of the following, please note that The Charity may contact you to ask for your assistance or advice on the relevant subject. Due to the wide range of projects, activities and events that the charity runs, any skills that you have could be relevant, professional or otherwise, so please don’t be shy or modest! 

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You are ineligible to join the RIN if you work for a pharmaceutical company with an interest in brain tumour research, if you are an applicant or member of an applicant’s lab applying to The Charity for a grant, or if you are a Health Care Professional. By ticking the box below you agree that you are eligible to join the RIN. 

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