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Thank you for your interest in joining the IAC Gvanim Limmud community groups!

"Gvanim Limmud IAC" is a community meeting place and an arena for dynamic pluralistic discussion and "chavruta"-style study of texts from the wealth of Jewish and Israeli culture. The meetings and discussions expose the participants to the different voices within the community and allow them to discuss the major relevant questions and challenges facing the Israeli and Jewish- American community.

Limmud groups are led by community members and open to whoever is interested in discussing and learning together. There is no instructor and no need for experience or prior knowledge. Each series includes 5-6 sessions of an hour and a quarter each session. The program will be held in Hebrew or English.

*Due to COVID-19 the meetings take place Online

** The groups’ opening is contingent on registration of 10 participants or more.

National group- open to participants from anywhere in the United States.
Region group- a community local group. Open to participants for the same area.

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