Please note, we are only able to accept applications from people who are eligible to volunteer in the UK at this time.  

Please confirm you are eligible to volunteer in the UK before progressing with your application.

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You must be over 18 to volunteer with us

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Please provide us with the name and phone number of someone we can contact on your behalf in the event of an emergency.


Please provide us with two character references to support your application. We will not contact these references unless your initial application is successful and will advise you before we get in touch.

At least one should be a person who knows you through a professional capacity such as an employer, teacher etc.

Personal references, such as friends, are accepted but they must not be a direct family member.

Your name and the role you are applying for will be shared with these referees.
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Stay in touch

Your support is helping to save lives, we look forward to keeping in touch with you by post and phone with information about research, support services and how you can get involved with our life saving work, for example through fundraising, campaigning or volunteering.

We promise to keep your details safe and never sell or swap them with anyone. Our privacy policy explains how we keep this promise. If you don't want to hear from us, or you change your mind about how we contact you, please email or call 01252 237792