Safe Ministry Representative form

Safe Ministry Representatives are required to be appointed for all parishes and ENC fellowships.

This form is to be used by the Rector when there is a change to the Safe Ministry Representative for their parish. The Safe Ministry to Children Ordinance 2020 lists the following requirements for a Safe Ministry Representative:
  • Has completed a valid Safe Ministry Training course within the last 3 years;
  • Holds a current unconditional NSW Working With Children Check; and
  • Is 21 years old or over.
Please ensure that your proposed Safe Ministry Representative has satisfied these requirements and given you the required details to be able to appoint them using the form below. If they are yet to satisfy these requirements, you can still use this form to notify the Registry regarding the resignation date of your previous Safe Ministry Representative. You will then use this form again to notify us of the new Safe Ministry Representative. 

In the past, some parishes have had more than one Safe Ministry Representative, however going forward please just nominate one person for the role. Other people at the parish may still assist this person in their duties.
Parish Name
Please find your official parish name in the drop down list below. If you can't find your parish name in the drop down list below, please choose OTHER from the list below and give details.

Current Safe Ministry Representative details
Please enter the details of the current Safe Ministry Representative who is finishing so that we can end off their position.

A proposed Safe Ministry Representative must have completed Safe Ministry Training within the last 3 years. To start their training they will need to go to the Safe Ministry Training websiteAlso, if they do not hold a current NSW Working With Children Check, please ask the proposed Safe Ministry Representative to visit the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian Website to apply for one. 

Once they have completed both these requirements please come back and use this form to appoint them as the Safe Ministry Representative for your parish.

New Safe Ministry Representative details
Safe Ministry Training

The new Safe Ministry Representative can log in to their account on the Safe Ministry Training website and go to the My Course Dashboard to access the following details.

Working With Children Check

Please enter the new Safe Ministry Representative's current Working With Children Check number below.

Date of Commencement

Personal details

Please enter the details of the new Safe Ministry Representative below.

Contact Details

Address Details

Details of person completing form:*