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Program Overview

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Thank you for your interest in the Talent Search program. Talent Search is a free US Department of Education funded program awarded to College Bridge Cafe serving students at  Fordham High School for the Arts, Fordham Leadership Academy and Renaissance High School for Musical Theater and Arts.  The program is designed to assist first generation and low-income high   school students with completing high school and pursuing post-secondary programs.

Participants are eligible to receive the following services: 

  • Preparation of education plans and academic advising

  • Mentoring programs and development/support workshops

  • After school tutorial/homework assistance 

  • College campus tours

  • Summer Academy 

  • Career exploration and cultural enrichment activities

  • Information on post-secondary education

  • Providing and assisting in the completion of the college admissions and financial aid application

  • SAT/ACT test preparatory sessions 

  • Regents prep classes 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the program this application must be completed and signed by you and your student. Once we receive your application, we will follow up with a phone call to verify your information and participation in the program. 

Thank you!

The Talent Search Team


Program Overview

Estimados Padres o Guardianes: 

Gracias por su interés en el programa de Talent Search. Talent Search es un programa gratuito que está  financiado por el Departamento de Educación cuyo recursos son otorgado a College Bridge Café que atiende a  estudiantes en Fordham High School for the Arts, Fordham Leadership Academy y Renaissance High School for  Musical Theater and Arts. El programa está diseñado para ayudar a estudiantes de secundaria, que son de  primera generación y de bajos ingresos, a completar la escuela secundaria y seguir estudios postsecundarios. 

Los participantes son elegibles para recibir los siguientes servicios: 

● Elaboración de planes educativos y asesoramiento académica 

● Programas de tutoría y talleres de desarrollo/apoyo 

● Tutoría después de la escuela/asistencia con la tarea 

● Recorridos por los campuses universitarios 

● Academia de Verano 

● Exploración de carreras y actividades de enriquecimiento cultural 

● Información sobre la educación postsecundaria 

● Proporcionar y ayudar a completar la solicitud de admisión a la universidad y

de ayuda financiera

● Sesiones preparatorias para los exámenes SAT/ACT 

● Clases de preparación para los exámenes de Regents 

Si está interesado en unirse al programa, esta solicitud debe ser completada y firmada por usted y su estudiante.  Una vez que recibamos su solicitud, haremos un seguimiento por llamada telefónica con su asesor del programa  para verificar su información y participación en el programa.  


El equipo de Talent Search 


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Student Information




Parent (s)/Guardian (s) Information:

Parent 1 Information

Parent 2 Information

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Student Self-Assessment

To be completed by student.

Please answer all of the following questions to help us determine how we can meet your needs.

List 3 careers/occupations you are interested in:

List 3 colleges/universities you are interested in:

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Family Income Information 

Release of Records/Information
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records created or maintained by a school that receives federal funds. Completion of this document authorizes the disclosure and use of education records as described below. Completion also authorizes you to discuss this information with representatives of the organization named below entitled to receive said information.

I, the undersigned (parent’s signature needed only if student is under 18 years of age), do hereby authorize TRIO Talent Search, College Bridge Cafe to obtain and disclose my complete education records (Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, & Post-Secondary), as well as copies of my/my child’s school district and other partnering agency records under the above student’s name including but not limited to the following:

  • Grades reports and transcripts

  • Psychological & Educational testing

  • Free & reduced lunch eligibility

  • ADA information

  • Suspension & Disciplinary Records

  • FAFSA confirmation documents,

  • IEPS

  • School health records

  • Discipline

  • College Acceptance Information


As a parent or guardian signing this form, I give permission for my child to participate in educational program-sponsored activities. I also give permission for the use of my child’s name and/or photograph for editorial, promotional, recruitment and/or educational purposes. I will do my best to encourage and participate in my child’s Talent Search activities.


If accepted to the program, I agree to attain all personal, academic and career goals that I and the College Bridge Cafe TRIO Talent Search staff set for myself and do my best to attend meetings and activities. Students are expected to follow the same rules of conduct and dress code established by your school district. This is to include: 1) No alcohol, drugs, or smoking at any time; 2) No profanity or horse play at any time; and 3) Fighting and disrespectful behavior toward others will not be tolerated.

I also agree to treat myself, other students and staff with respect and be a positive representative of the College Bridge Cafe TRIO Talent Search program. Students violating this policy shall be subject to disciplinary sanctions which may include suspension and/or expulsion from the TRiO Educational Talent Search Program.
Student First Name
Student Last Name