Please fill out the form below to secure a camera spot in one of our DWF LIVE events, so that your classroom or club can interact with the speaker. You can also choose to tune in live via YouTube and interact using the chat sidebar.

Lots of ways to join the events:

1. Full Class in a Camera Spot: If your students are in the classroom you can join in a camera spot and interact directly with the speaker during the Q&A. We'll give you a special link in advance, just follow it a few minutes before the event with Google Chrome as your browser and you'll be brought right into your spot.

*Please note these sessions are recorded and housed on DWF’s YouTube channel. Youth appearing on screen must have permission to be on screen from a parent or guardian and a media release form completed.

2. Educator in a Camera Spot: If your students are at home, you as the educator can join directly in a camera spot and relay some of their questions. You can have all of your students together in a separate video call and share screen the event to them or they can all tune in via YouTube and send you questions via something like a Padlet or Google Doc.

3. Tune in Live: Whether your class is back in the classroom or virtual, you can use this option to tune in live via YouTube and send in questions via the chat side bar. Please select this option or option #4 if you are a student tuning in from home or if you are not a student or youth group.

4. View Later: All of the events record to YouTube, if you can't make it live, tune in later on our channel.