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Contacts & Partner Organizations

Contact Persons
Please provide information for the primary contact person(s) for this application. 

Please provide information for the nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization submitting this application first and add other partnering Organizations at the bottom of this section.

Contact person for this organization.                

Website & social media handles for the Organization
Click "Add another response" to enter information about any partnering Organizations, cities, businesses etc. below. 


A registered non-profit with 501 (c)(3) Organizational status in good standing must be part of the application and the below information will be used to confirm your eligibility. 

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300 Words Max

Project Details

Please keep your replies to the below questions brief and organize in bullet points where possible. Thank you!
Project Information

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Compliance and Safeguarding

To the best of your knowledge please answer the below safeguarding and financial well-being questions for the 501 (3) (c) organization applying for this grant.

If your organization is short-listed after the initial review process, the Global Business Coalition for Education team will be in touch to conduct an eligibility check interview with your organization.
Financial well-being of the organization

If there are significant increases or decreases in the last year please explain.


Legal Proceedings

If yes, please list any ongoing or past legal proceedings etc. that are pertinent to this application.

Comments & Submission

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