External Fundraiser Form

Thank you for your interest in hosting/sponsoring a fundraising effort or event where some or all of the proceeds benefit The Dragonfly Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit. Your support will help provide comfort and joy to kids and young adults (and their families) enduring cancer and bone marrow transplants, both in and out of the hospital. (To see a list of partner hospitals, please click here.) It also will associate your group, organization, or business with an award-winning non-profit that is making a profound and transformative impact on the patients and families we serve.

To ensure that all fundraising activities associated with our organization are consistent, ethical, legal, and in line with our mission and goals, The Dragonfly Foundation must PRE-APPROVE all efforts where our logo, trademarks, and/or our organizations name is used to raise awareness or to collect money or other donations.
Even if more than 1 organization is involved in hosting an event, please list only 1 organization name. Other names can be added in the description field.

If this is an event, please use the event date.
This could be the date an event ends or the end of the duration of the fundraising initiative.
**Better Business Bureau best practices require that promotional materials identify the percentage of proceeds that benefit a non-profit. All materials, including their content and design must be approved in advance by Dragonfly.
Please provide as much information as you can about the event/fundraising effort
Event Location
Where is the fundraiser being held?

**Our ability to provide volunteers varies, depending on the date, type of event, location, volunteers' availability/interest, etc.

This can include a request for a speaker, materials, banners, promotion/publicity, etc.

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