Add or Update a Little Library on the World Map

Your book exchange must have an official Little Free Library charter sign engraved with a unique charter number before it can be added to the map. Learn more about charter signs.

You will receive a confirmation email after you submit this form. Your submission will be reviewed (typically within three business days) and you will receive another email to let you know when your library has been added or updated on the map. 

Primary Steward Information
The primary steward is the person Little Free Library will communicate with regarding this book exchange.

Please enter the name of the individual who is the main point-of-contact and caretaker of this library. This name will NOT be made public, it is only for our records. DO NOT enter the name of a group/organization; you may enter the name of a group/organization in the LIBRARY NAME field below. 

Library Information
Please answer the questions below to provide us with location and background information about your little library. We require city, state/province, country and postal code for our records. You may opt out of publicly displaying this information on our world map.

CAUTION: Please accurately enter the charter number that's on your charter sign. An error may result in overwriting an existing Library's information.

Enter the city where the Library is located

Enter the state where the Library is located (if applicable.)

Enter the Canadian province where the Library is located (if applicable.)

Enter a province for your Library (if applicable.) DO NOT fill in if you are located in the U.S. or Canada.

Please use the 5-digit zip code if in the U.S.

Little Free Library Mapping Information

Enter the street address (number and street name) where the library is located. The address you enter here will establish your library's location on the map. Please DO NOT enter "at the intersection of X and Y street." Our map will not be able to use that information to identify your library's location. DO NOT enter city, state or country in this field. You already entered that information above. 

Please use decimal degrees. For example: 43.28554

Please use decimal degrees. For example: -98.45678. PLEASE NOTE that longitudinal coordinates may be either negative or positive depending on location. For locations in the U.S. and Canada, longitudinal coordinates should be NEGATIVE.

By default, your library's name on the map will display as Little Free Library followed by its charter number. Change the name above if you would like it to have a different name.

If you choose YES, the street address you entered above will display on the map.

Publicly displaying an email address will provide a method for stewards, patrons, and other interested parties to contact you directly.

This text will be displayed on the map; DO NOT enter private messages. (450 character limit; no special characters or formatting such as extra spaces, line breaks, emojis, or links.) 

Click CHOOSE FILE to browse and select photos to upload to the world map. Please submit .jpeg images smaller than 1 MB and 1000 pixels on longest edge.

Click CHOOSE FILE to browse and select photos to upload to the world map. Please submit .jpeg images smaller than 1 MB and 1000 pixels on longest edge.

This text will NOT display on the world map. Only Little Free Library staff will see it.

Only choose YES if you are the steward of another new Library and are ready to submit its information to us.

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