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Connectors are people who are well-networked. They know a wide circle of people that includes potential donors, corporate partners and foundation staff who need to hear about Upwardly Global's mission and impact. Connectors make introductions and set up small events where potential supporters can hear about our work and meet job seekers and alumni. Connectors also help with special event planning.

Informational Interviewer

Informational Interviewer conducts informational interviews, over the phone or in-person, and help job seekers understand the intricacies of pursuing a career within a given industry sector or company in the U.S.

Language Coaching Program

Volunteer language coaches work one-on-one with job seekers (in-person or virtually) to help them boost their English language skills and confidence. This will help them not only through the job interview process but also on the job. Coaching offers an opportunity for job seekers to practice small talk, build vocabulary and grammar, learn industry-specific jargon and acronyms, and improve their speaking confidence. Both coach and job seeker are supported by a training overview that outlines program expectations, as well as lesson guides to provide structure to the meetings. Pairs will meet once a week for 8 total meetings over a 10-week period. Additional contact via phone and/or email is to be expected.

Mock Interviewers

Mock Interviewers conduct mock interviews with job seekers, either in on-site events, virtually, or one-on-one.


A Networker meets with job seekers in a friendly environment that allows them to connect with professional peers, develop job search leads, and improve their networking skills.

Industry Specialists

Industry Specialists share industry/profession specific expertise and experience. Serve as an industry expert and resource for job seekers or staff. Lead and/or coordinate an Industry Roundtable - a forum of panelists in your industry who share information, suggestions, and concrete job search tips for our job seekers in a particular industry.

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 All UpGlo volunteers must have at least three years of full-time professional work experience in the United States.
Please provide either an updated resume or an updated LinkedIn profile.  This allows us to better understand your professional background and history for the purposes of matching you with our job seekers.
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