1 Video Editing & Photographer

The Video Editing/Photographer position will support the Data and Development Coordinator in taking high quality and high resolution pictures of and MP4 videos of mentors and buddies. The volunteer will also help editing such videos for marketing campaigns and other purposes through the year. Sometimes the volunteer may be required to travel to take photos or record videos. 
The time commitment is for the entire year.
Each project may need about 2-3 hours. About 1-2 project(s) per month.

2 Writer

Write promotional materials to increase awareness of the causes, missions, or goals of organizations. Write articles to preview fundraising items in newsletter, web sites and/or social media. Write the virtual fundraising and auction event Program Guide. This person will work with the Data and Development Coordinator and the Director of Development. 
The time commitment is for the entire year.
Each article may need about 1-2 hours. About 1-2 article(s) per month. 

Volunteer Form

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