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World Languages Summer Seminar Caring for Our World, Caring for Ourselves: Honoring Indigenous Voices Check back for updates as they are posted!  July 15th - 20th, 2022   
Summer Seminar Registration Form
The Student Strand (Strand J) has its own registration. If you are looking to register for this strand, please follow the link below:

Email information
ATTENTION: If you are registering for multiple people, each registrant must have a UNIQUE email address. Please DO NOT use the same email address.  If you need help paying for all registrations at one time, contact the registrar at registrar@clta.net.

Strands for Summer Seminar

Student Strand Instructions
Do NOT Submit this form if you are interested in the Student Strand. Click on Student Strand - Teach to Become an Agent of Change to select the appropriate form (application or nomination). All application are due by May 31st, 2022.

Registration, Lodging, Parking, Meal Package, and Special Events

Special Requests (optional)

Payment & Sponsorship Information


Payment Via Purchase Order (PO):

Payment Via Credit Card
To finalize your registration, make a note of the amount being paid by credit card. After submitting this registration, you will get a link to pay with a credit card. You will also receive an email with the amount and instructions on how to pay by credit card.
Payment by Check

Checks should be made payable to CLTA.

Please send payment along with a copy of the email (automatically sent when you hit submit below) to: 

Summer Seminar Registrar

8822 Woodman Way

Sacramento, CA 95826

Terms & Conditions

Registration and Check-in for the Seminar: Friday, July 15th, 2022

Refund Policy

No refunds will be made after June 25, 2022. Refunds will be paid after July 20, 2022. No refunds will be issued for anyone who elects to leave the Seminar prior to its official ending date, July 20, 2022

Photography/Videotaping Authorization

By registering for the Seminar, participants agree to be photographed and/or videotaped/recorded for the purpose of documenting the program’s effectiveness and/or to promote the Seminar in websites and social media outlets, unless they opt out in writing at worldlanguagesummerseminar@gmail.com.

Seminar Strands

Participants are to register for only one of the Seminar’s program strand options and must remain in that strand throughout the duration of the Seminar. In the event that a strand is cancelled due to lack of enrollment (15 minimum), participants will be provided with the option of registering for another program strand that has available space at that time. Refunds will not be issued if a participants can be accommodated in an alternative program strand.


Stanford Continuing Education Units

Upon successful completion of all tasks in a given program strand and full attendance at all General Sessions, participants are eligible to receive four (4) quarter Stanford Continuing Educations Units (CEU’s) for an additional total fee of $100.00.

Please Be Aware That UCSB Is A Smoke Free Campus!

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on campus. This includes electronic cigarettes.

Single & Double Occupancy Participants Be Aware of the Following University Policies:

  • Pets and animals are prohibited inside university housing at all times. This includes visiting pets, regardless of length of stay. 

  • Hosting overnight guests, be it family, friends  or pets, is not allowed.

  • The resident is responsible for all damages and cleaning charges.

To finalize your registration, be sure to click on the SUBMIT button below. If you don't get an email confirming that your registration was received, contact the registrar at registrar@clta.net. 
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