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How can WeDo help you?

  • Just getting started? WeDo can complete an at-home site survey to provide you with accurate dimensions and services locations for planning.
  • Already have your new KÜBE plans? You can complete an online estimate in under 5 minutes. No expertise required.

At-Home Site Survey

Please select up to 3 preferred dates below to schedule an at-home site survey.

WeDo will visit you in your home and complete a survey of the space.

We will take accurate measurements, opening locations along with all of the services locations.

We will send you an accurate, marked up plan to allow your space to be designed.

The at-home site survey is a paid service.

A WeDo team member will be in contact to confirm your appointment date / time and organise payment

Welcome to the WeDo estimator

  1. Fill out the below questions and you will receive an estimate in minutes!

  2. After reviewing your estimate the next step is to book in a building inspection. 

    If WeDo 
    didn't previously complete a site survey we will attend your home, review your plans, survey the site and finalise the estimate. During the building inspection you can add additional works or services as well as remove any.

    If a site survey has already been completed we may complete the building inspection offsite from the 
    previously collected site survey information and discuss any changes with you.

  3. After the building inspection we can lock in the start date.
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Property Details

Is the property located above the first floor, like an apartment?
If yes, does it have a lift?

Brick & Concrete Walls

Does your alfresco area have any walls that are brick or concrete?


During the demolition process we remove and dispose all old cabinetry, appliances and splashback cladding. You can elect to keep the appliances to be reused or sold.


Our licensed plumbers will “rough in” any new water and or gas services in the correct locations.

After the installation of the KÜBE cabinets and benchtop is complete the plumber returns to “fit off” AKA connect the water and gas services that were roughed in earlier in the process.


Our licensed electricians will “rough in” the new services in the correct locations.

After the installation of the KÜBE cabinets and benchtop is complete the electrician returns to “fit off” AKA connect the services like appliances and power points that were roughed in earlier in the process.


During the demolition process the splashback area is removed. Normally during this process the plaster behind the splashback material cannot be saved. A plasterer will attend to replace this plaster, ready for the new splashback.

Also, wall & ceiling plaster may need repair where new services are run, or where bulkheads or joinery removed.


Enter the quantity in the fields below for of each type of cabinet in your KÜBE plan.
Leave fields blank if your plan doesn't feature that product.

Panels & fillers

End panels are used to cover exposed carcass ends on cabinets. They may also occur on either side of fridges.

Back panels cover the back side of an exposed cabinet run where cabinets are not installed against a wall.

Filler panels are used to fill the gap between base/wall/tall cabinets and a wall.
Integrated panels

Leave blank if none

Leave blank if none

Cabinet Accessories

Leave blank if none

Leave blank if none

Stone Benchtops

Supply & installation of benchtop templates are automatically included.

This will calculate the amount of substrate material required.
The stone suppler will complete the stone installation.
Laminate Benchtops


Tile Splashback

Enter metres of splash back width
Enter how many metres wide your splashback is in total. e.g. 3.5
Final clean

Final clean of area at completion of project. Wipe down & polish all surfaces & fittings inc window frames, vacuum & mop floors, polish all glass / mirrors, clean cabinets inside & out. Remove and all floor protection (if utilised).
If not included no cleaning will occur.

Rubbish Removal

Packaging from the alfresco units and any off cuts of materials will be placed into a rubbish collection bag that will be picked up post the completion of the project.
If not included all rubbish will be left neatly onsite for you to dispose of.


If you have a copy of plans and photos of the existing space please attach them here.

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