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We accept applications outside of the Unites States only if you have someone currently based in the US who can represent you. You must also be able to pay the $29 per month refundable admin fee, if applicable.

1). Please provide a list of current and/or proposed activities that your project will engage in. Please be specific, realistic, and as thorough as possible. For example, “We will hold a series of 10 community meetings that bring together stakeholders to examine the issue and make recommendations…” “We are an LGBTQ community theatre program supporting BIPOC creativity across generations…” “We will produce a weekly podcast…” *. 2). Please tell us what the expected positive influences of your project will be including how many people will benefit as a result of your work or any other benefit to the community/society/planet.

Please note, we would like to see only realistic, achievable fundraising goals.

Please note: As a general practice, SGF does not accept most government grants

Example: City and County of San Francisco; Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, CDBG, etc…