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This is the official Schulich Leader Scholarship Canadian application.

 How it Works

o   Complete this application by February 21, 2023 at 5pm ET.

o   Complete admissions applications to the universities you select on this application by March 1, 2023 

o   Your application will be sent to the partner universities you select on this application on
March 7, 2023

o   All Schulich Leader scholarship offers will be made before June 15, 2023

o   Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari

o   Submitting is 7 steps

·       Input your contact information

·       Provide contact information for 2 Referees who will be providing your reference letters

·       Note: Once you submit the completed scholarship application, each Referee will receive an email to an online reference request form. Reference letters should be no longer than one page in length and should be addressed to The Schulich Leader Scholarships Selection Committee. All letters of reference and scholarshp applications must be completed and received by the February 21, 2023 deadline.

·       Select your STEM area of study and partner universities that will review your application

·       List your top 3 achievements (academic or other)
– 50 words maximum per achievement

·       Short answer on where you see yourself in 10 years and how you plan to get there
- 50 words maximum

·       Submit your essay(s)

·       Demonstrate why you would make a great Schulich Leader 
– 600 words maximum

·       Optional essay to outline extenuating circumstances that put you at a financial disadvantage or you feel are relevant to your application
– 250 words maximum

·       Uploads

·       Copy of an up-to-date transcript, credit counsel summary or detailed academic report

·       Save as Microsoft Word, PDF or JPEG

·      High resolution Headshot profile image for marketing purposes

·       Save as JPEG/PNG - no Word docs or PDF's

Step 1: Contact Information

If this is not your current school or School Nominator, email info@uja.schulichleaders.com to receive the correct link to submit your application

This field is optional. The number we are referring to is the application number assigned to you when filling out your university admissions applications. If you have more than one university admissions application number, you may input them all and separate them using a comma.

Step 2: Referee Information

The contact information collected in this portion of the form will be used to contact your selected Referees. On successful completion of this application, each Referee will be sent an email with a link to upload and submit their reference letter. All letters of reference and scholarship applications must be completed and received  by the February 21, 2023 deadline.

Reference letters should be one page maximum in length and addressed to the Schulich Leader Scholarship Selection Committee.

Step 3: Universities

Which program(s) do you intend to major in? Use a comma between program names if multiple options. Write TBD if unsure.

*You must apply to the partner universities you select on this application by March 1, 2023.

Step 4: Achievements

Summarize in the space below three of your most important achievements

Step 6: Essays

Step 7: Uploads

When saving your document ensure your file name does not include any characters such as colons, semi-colons or l'accent aigu. Uploads should be no larger than 5MB.

Please ensure that you are only uploading 1 file per upload field. 

Financial Need

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions.

Submitting the application may take a few moments. Please be patient and do not double click the submit button. You will be able to review your application and receive a confirmation when the application has successfully gone through.